Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Part 4

We had just left Cru and were walking over to Six. Melissa and Kim were walking in front of me so I didn't notice at first, but there was a man passed out on the ground with his head hanging off the curb. A lady was standing by him. We asked if she was all right. She said she was and that she didn't know the man. Her husband and she had dug thru his pockets and found out his name and where he worked. They also found what they thought was a work visa and so they didn't want to call the cops to get him arrested or deported. They called his job which was a restaurant up the road and that someone was coming over to get him. She thanked us for asking if things were ok and said that everyone else had either walked by or took pictures of the man passed out. NICE people. This was a situation where it did not look ok. Not some stereotypical scene where a drunken frat guy passes out.

Just then a man walks up and says he'll take care of this guy. he said, "he's had a bad time" then he says softer, "his brother was murdered last night" Wow. Poor guy. I wonder if that happened to me how distraught I would be. My prayers go out to him.