Monday, October 27, 2008

Blah Monday

Not bad. Not good Just blah.

I did not , repeat DID NOT want to come to work today. Matthias got his shots this morning. Two boosters and a flu shot. You would think that by now I would no longer cry. Yeah right. The moment he gets a prick on his leg and he lets out that howl, it breaks my heart.

Jason was making fun of me last night about it. My mom said she cried too. I think all moms do. When we were sitting there with Matthias last night, he was sitting in Jason's lap. He just turned to me and said, "I love him so much. I never ever thought I would love something so much. I think I love him more than I love you. And I love you Veronica. But I love our son so much." And he teared up when he was saying it. And of course I teared up as well. But it's weird. B/c I feel the same way. There's just something about that little boy. He's the most amazing thing in the world. And the way Jason is with him. It's like this whole kind of new love that opens up. For this man. For this tough love man who melts when it comes to his son. It's great.

I've been following this Jennifer HUdson family case thingy all day today. What a sad sad story. What kind of mother fucker would kill a child? No one should have to endure a tragedy like that. So sad. It's kinda crazy how things like this make me SO sad. I could never imagine going through something like that. UGH. So horrible.

I am however liking the cooler weather today. But, it did contribute to my lethargy this morning. I can't wait to watch football tonight. Hopefully we can all snuggle on the couch. Ahh... those are the good nights. :o)

P.s. I just realized i jumped around to a lot of subjects. ADD much??