Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super Long weekend

I'm so not in the mood to work right right now hence my "bloggin' break..."

Friday I left work early so Jason could go get his stitches out. His cut is more of a gash now and looks better but it's going to take some time to completely close up. It will leave a bitching scar though!! Oh and we had dinner at the same place we had dinner last Friday. Too bad Jason will be going back to work again this week. I really liked having him at home. :o(

Saturday nothing exciting really happened. Jason did make some good bbq and roasted corn. YUM!

Sunday I got rid of some wedding crap which was nice. I went to a scrapbooking store and bought a couple of things. Got a couple of books at Goodwill for me and about 6 for Matthias. He loves him some story time. Jason noticed Rufus' hind leg was really swollen and now his other one is swollen. We take him to the vet this weekend. I hope it's not something serious. *prays* We're really really worried about him.

Monday I slept in really really late since I stayed up with Rufus probably worrying more than I should. Made some king ranch casserole and pretty much laid around all day. I did love the rain we got. Other than that, pretty uneventful.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

quotes i like

"A dog owns nothing yet is seldom dissatisfied." Irish proverb


no good things in my mailbox

So my mom has a subscription to this magazine called Country Living. I LOVE it. It's got everything so shabby chic. I yearn to have a home decorated like the ones they have in their magazines. Every time I go to her house i steal her magazine, completely disregard the fact that I have a child and sit in the corner and read it from cover to cover. Sorry kid. mom needs to drool over home decor. I guess my mom took a hint and got me a subscription for Christmas. Hooray!

Well I got the first 2 magazines just fine. I went to her house 3 Sundays ago and she had the new one. So I expected to get mine very soon if I already haven't. Well so far, I've checked the mail EVERY DAY and NOTHING. WTF?? It better not have gone in someone else's mailbox on accident. grrr...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quotes I like

"My goal in life is to be a person as good as my dog thinks I am." - anonymous


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday night

Was going along just fine. My brother called and said he was bored so he was going to come over. So i defrosted another chicken breast for him since I was in the middle making dinner. We ate and watched American Idol. I kept telling Jason to come inside from cutting limbs but he said he was almost done. I walked back inside to use the restroom when Jason came in right behind me. He said something that I couldn't understand so he said it again and this time I heard, "I think I need stitches"

So I grabbed my purse and out the door we went. Luckily I was able to leave Matthias with my brother. As soon as we turned onto Brodie Jason says," Get in the next lane." I was like, "Why?" He says again, "Get in the next lane" I look over and realize he's about to hurl. I dart over and pull onto the street to the right. Jason barely gets the door open and vomits for like 2 minutes. Nice. Unfortunately, some got in the car including (which I discovered today) on my purse. So we get to the hospital and get signed in. I finally get to use the restroom which helps me calm down almost immediately. lol Jason gets up to get some gauze as he's still bleeding and when he sits back down, he's sweating profusely and almost passes out. Poor guy. He can't handle blood. Thank God we are in and out in a about 4 hours which is pretty damn good for ER waits. He gets 5 stitches and has to wear a splint for 10 days. He did knick his tendon but did not do any permanent damage.

Here's a pic of his wound washed out before stitches....


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Laid back again. And those are my favorite weekends. Our original plans fell though, but that was ok by me! I could then stay home and do nothing!!

Friday night: went to Michael's to get some modge podge for a project I'm working on. Then I was really bad and got Jack in the Box. Matthias and I hung out the rest of the night and watched basketball and did laundry. I even let him stay up late.

Saturday: went to Dollar Tree to get some sprinkles and ended up getting some scrapbooking stickers and some beads and big craft button that I hope to turn into earrings. I started making some cakeballs for my mom and Jason's mom but I burned my finger really bad and it blistered so I called it quits early.

Sunday: Jason let me sleep late. He bought me some flowers. Plus I had already gotten the lamps. He offered to take me out to eat but I knew it would be packed so we just had sandwiches for lunch. Then we went to my mom's and had dinner. My step-dad grilled and it was so good. Then we watched some basketball for a while and came home. Low key and we didn't have to go to his parent's house so it was PERFECT. I must admit its kinda weird to get "Happy Mother's Day" text messages from various friends and family, but it is what it it. I'm a mom!! Weird! I know that children were NEVER ever in my life plan, but God has different plans that what we may have and I couldn't imagine my life without my chunker wunkers (aka Matthias) He's my life. My pride and joy. What I look forward to going home to every day. I mean obviously I look forward to seeing Jason as well, but not like i do Matthias. My ABSOLUTE favorite part of my day is when we have story time. And he gets all the books he wants me to read to him. And I sit on the couch and he sits in my lap and we read book after book and some of those books more than once. Because he's my Bubs. And I love him so. So I hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother's dAy b/c I know I did!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

another weekend review

It was a nice weekend. Very relaxed. My sister came over and stayed the night and it's always good to hang out with her. I bought Matthais some new shoes which he lost one of right away so I had to go hunt down another pair. But they're really cute b/c they almost look like Jason's shoes so dad and son match!!

Matthias had his first taste of a sno-cone which was fun. He enjoyed it VERY much.



with his shades on and a slightly blue mouth:


Being a goober:

Rufus with the shades on now:

Scraping out what's left and Rufus eagerly awaiting for Matthias to share:

With a blue tongue now:

On Sunday, i met up with Laura and Kim for Drinks & dresses. I was running behind as usual but had a good time. Time with my girls is ever dull. :o) We also determined that this will be a monthly installment. Yippee!


Then afterwards, Jason and I went to Lowe's b/c I saw some lamps I had wanted a long time ago on clearance!! So he bought them for me. I could tell he wasn't to thrilled but he knew I've been wanting them for some time. Have I mentioned I puffy heart him?? I think they're an early Mother's Day present. Which is fine, b/c it's something I TOTALLY wanted.

But then we needed to get some lamp shades and I wasn't really too thrilled with the ones they had there. So we decided to get the lamps and wait on the shades. Then I wanted to get some cheap fake flowers to fill this wall thing that used to be my grandma's. So we went to Wal-mart and they had a nice lamp shade but Jason thought it was too fancy for the bases we bought. So then I thought that Bed Bath & Beyond might have some shades and we have so many gift cards from there still from the wedding. So we went and i found some shades i LOVE. Jason ended up liking the whole ensemble!!! yippee!!

Here's the new lamps with the new shades!
(don't mind the mess on the table... focus on the lamp)

(with our beautiful wedding pic)

and the wall thing-a-ma-bob

Good weekend. :o)