Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Laid back again. And those are my favorite weekends. Our original plans fell though, but that was ok by me! I could then stay home and do nothing!!

Friday night: went to Michael's to get some modge podge for a project I'm working on. Then I was really bad and got Jack in the Box. Matthias and I hung out the rest of the night and watched basketball and did laundry. I even let him stay up late.

Saturday: went to Dollar Tree to get some sprinkles and ended up getting some scrapbooking stickers and some beads and big craft button that I hope to turn into earrings. I started making some cakeballs for my mom and Jason's mom but I burned my finger really bad and it blistered so I called it quits early.

Sunday: Jason let me sleep late. He bought me some flowers. Plus I had already gotten the lamps. He offered to take me out to eat but I knew it would be packed so we just had sandwiches for lunch. Then we went to my mom's and had dinner. My step-dad grilled and it was so good. Then we watched some basketball for a while and came home. Low key and we didn't have to go to his parent's house so it was PERFECT. I must admit its kinda weird to get "Happy Mother's Day" text messages from various friends and family, but it is what it it. I'm a mom!! Weird! I know that children were NEVER ever in my life plan, but God has different plans that what we may have and I couldn't imagine my life without my chunker wunkers (aka Matthias) He's my life. My pride and joy. What I look forward to going home to every day. I mean obviously I look forward to seeing Jason as well, but not like i do Matthias. My ABSOLUTE favorite part of my day is when we have story time. And he gets all the books he wants me to read to him. And I sit on the couch and he sits in my lap and we read book after book and some of those books more than once. Because he's my Bubs. And I love him so. So I hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother's dAy b/c I know I did!!



ayamc said...

What a sweet pic of you and Matthias. He was itty bitty and now he's a little man. :)