Friday, July 3, 2009

Build a Bear (er rather a dog)

So after Angie gave Matthias his Build a Bear guft card I couldn't wait to go build one!! WE looked and decided on a stuffed dog rather than a bear, but I kinda knew that would happen with Matthias' love for dogs. We picked out a soft puppy with floppy ears.

He we are getting it stuffed:

And picking out a heart for it:


Now giving it a bath:

And filling out the birth certificate: (BTW we named him Puppy Dog. Original I know)

And I now realize I forgot to take a pic of the finished product complete with his ultra primo preppy outfit. I'll have to update later!!!

B-day recap!!

So last Friday was my b-day and some of the girls went to go see Mamma Mia. It was so fun!! There were a few little girls there adorning pink boas and claiming that "it was the best show EVER!!" Too cute!!


Then afterwards a few of us went to Trudy's for a good 'ol fashioned mex mart. Good times. :o)

Mosquitos suck

Especially when they bite my son on his eyebrow and it itches so much that he continues to rub it therefore making it swell... My poor Bubbers!!


From Matthias' perspective

I'm not sure why, but I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this picture. Matthias always takes my camera and snaps random shots without knowing it. But this one I feel really captures what things are like from his eyes:


So I think they like each other now...

Roscoe has finally grown used to Petunia being around. They're even snuggle buddies now!!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

So the new deal around our house is...

no cable. YIkes!! Well here's the low down:

My wonderful hubby (i say that through gritted teeth) didn't pay the bill for some reason. he assured me that all oh "his bills" were caught up but apparently the cable wasn't (and thank God it was the only one) so the cable got cut off. I was a little annoyed at first, but not really bothered by not having it. Then we finished paying off our furniture so it was nice to have that extra money. SO I think we may have gotten used to that so we paid off the cable bill but didn't get it reconnected!! It's more money in our pockets and I'm not really missing it. AT ALL. Kinda sad huh?? So one of my odd goals is to watch every. single. movie. we. own. I discovered yesterday that some are still in the cellophane packaging. WTF?? I guess I've been buying random movies, storing them away and obviously not watching them.

So I watched a couple of movies yesterday afternoon, went for a walk, worked on Matthias invitations. Got a lot of stuff done. All b/c of no t.v. But I don't think our house will remain cable-less for long. Jason is all ready starting to gear up for football season and wants to switch to Direct TV so he can get the NFL SUnday ticket. I don't know, I guess we'll see...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Death of an Icon

It's all over the media. And I can't go without saying anything about it. It's definitely a moment that will always be remembered in history. He was our Elvis. Our Beatles. But sadly, Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50.

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?? Because let's all face it. Thriller is the record that has sold more copies than any other album in history. I remember watching the vide and honestly being a little scared of the zombies.
But I ultimately got over it b/c the dancing was fucking AWESOME. You know you've tried to do the moves. It's THE goto song when Halloween arrives. We would have the Thrill the World event every year if that dance/song wasn't so BAD ASS.

People wouldn't perform it at their weddings if it wasn't so BAD ASS.

Let's also remember that it produced SEVEN top 10 hits from ONE album. Crazy talent my friend.

When I was younger, my cousin and I would cut out square pieces of white paper and tape them to the floor in the hallway to try to do the Billie Jean video. Oh yeah. WE WENT THERE.


And of course thre was the glove. We bought a pair of white gloves. He got one and I got one. We begged our grandma to sew sequins on them, but she never would. And my cousin always got the "right" glove. NO FAIR! *pouts even tho it's 24 years later*


I also remember going to the grocery store by our house. We rushed over to the small video section they had and alas!! there was one copy left of HIStory. We BEGGED our grandma to rent it for us. SHe finally gave in. I guarantee you when we got home and pulled in the driveway, the car wasn't even in park before we just out of the car and awaited anxiously at the door to view our new found treasure that belonged to us for however many days the rental was.

I'm pretty sure the Smooth Criminal video was on there and i thought it was the coolest thing EVER. I remember us trying to lean as far as we cold without falling down.


So in essence a piece of my childhood is now gone. All allegations of his private life aside, the man was a global icon. A musical genius. A master of dance. Truly deserving of the title The King of Pop, may you know rest in piece.