Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tomorrow I will try to sleep in.
Tomorrow I will realize they are gone.
Tomorrow I will put on a brave face.
Tomorrow I will try not to cry but ore than likely fail miserably.
Tomorrow I will eat good food.
Tomorrow I will be thankful for what's left of my family.
Tomorrow I will miss her homemade gravy.
Tomorrow I will reminisce of the Thanksgivings past when our family was whole.
Tomorrow I will keep the hate out of my heart.
Tomorrow I will hug my son and think about all the things she taught me that will hopefully make me the best other I can be.
Tomorrow I will think of him in his sweatshirt he always wore.
Tomorrow I will think of their coffee mugs I have in my "special memories" box and how they drank coffee with their pie.
Tomorrow I will eat pumpkin pie b/c it's my fave.
Tomorrow I will be saved from visiting the infamous Soon to be In-Laws and be very VERY Thankful
Tomorrow will be my first holiday without my grandparents, my parents.
Tomorrow will be hard but as I've done thus far, I'll hold my head up high and pretend I don't have a hole in my heart.
Tomorrow I will wish my family was the way it once was.
Tomorrow I will be sad but i will also be thankful for my son, my fiance, my family that is left and my friends.
Because that's what it's all about.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Productive weekend

My Friday evening was quite lazy. I put the kiddo down to bed early and fell fast asleep. Twas nice.

Saturday I went and got my first fitting for alterations. The dress fit WAAY better than when I bought it. (Cheers for losing baby weight!) Then I went to my mom's and watched the REd Raiders get their ass handed to them. Texas is back on top in the BIG XII!!

Sunday I finished ALL, that's right ALL the embossing on the envelopes. I also hand stamped 100 RSVP cards with my pretty rose stamp. Now all I have to do is print them out.

I know it doesn't seem like much but trust me, it is.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So I've decided

That i NEED a new skinny belt, some tights and some boots. Just thought everyone should know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get cold already

I wanna wear my new sweater.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Two songs...

I would conveniently like to NOT hear for a LONG time

1. I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry I don't care i you kissed a girl or not. No one really does. And if people claim they do they're trying too hard in life and are probably D-bags.

2. Paper Planes by MIA. Enough already.

Mel's wedding

Although I'm a little late in posting about it, better late than never! Melissa's wedding was GORGEOUS. The church was nice. The reception was beautiful. I feel that my wedding will in no way compare to the lst two I've been to. Oh well. The show must go on right??

I really liked the church they used. Small and quaint. Perfect. I'm not gonna lie though. The officiant was a bit ummm what's the word?DRamatic?? Borderline just plain weird. He emphasized words in strange places. Just weird. We had to fight from laughing at times. The pics I have are from far away so I'll only post a couple:



After the ceremony we all waited for the wedding party to take pic so we could follow them to the reception. We all then realized we were dressed in black. But who cares we all looked good. :o)


I don't know why but I really like this pic. I rarely see candid pics of myself that I like, but I like this one.


And we're off to the reception! It was so pretty in there.


us girls:


The first dance. Her dress was gorgeous. *sigh*


Us on the dance floor...

So Kim caught the bouquet and Brad caught the garter.. hmmm. I think the contest was rigged...


Afterwards, Kim Laura and I forewent (is that a word?? It is now!) the Duck Tour and went downtown. We went to Lanai first where we ordered "Lanai's mexican martini" as opposed to a regular one. WTF. It was super spicy. So we took them back to the bar and find out they have habanero juice. HABANERO JUICE. ouchy. Jack met up with us and we went to Apple bar. I don't remember much after that but here's a pic that I don't remember...


Fun times. :o)

Relaxing Weekend

It was really nice. Low key. RELAXING.

Friday night I treated myself to "I don't care food" Frozen pizza from HEB which was really good btw, cheese sticks and wine. So healthy. lol Saturday I started doing laundry then Jason and I had a date night. SO LONG OVERDUE. I swear we hadn't been out on a date in 2 years maybe?? And going without Matthias was such a treat. I mean we love him of course, but it's nice to go alone. We went t Vivo's since I had been craving it for a long time and Jason had never been. So yummy. I am discovering I'm a little bit of a lightweight now. I had one mex mart and I was kinda loopy! After dinner we went to Kohl's to get Matthias some winter clothes. Then we started to miss him so we went back home. I don't know if it's cool that we were home by 9:00 or if it's kinda lame. We still had to go to Wal-Mart but we decided to take Matthias with us. We got him a couple more long sleeved shirts. His Christmas one says, "Dear santa, I really tried hard this year... Honest." After that Jason and I stayed up watching DVR'd stuff so we can clear out some space. Fun times.

Sunday I thought I would sleep in since I was up late the night before but alas I was up by 8:00. I laid in bed until 9:00 then migrated to the couch. At 10:00 I started making breakfast and got Matthias up. After that it was clean clean clean!

One of my biggest accomplishments this weekend was that I embossed 70 mailing envelopes for the invitations. Only 30 left and then 99 RSVP envelopes. At least I made a huge dent. :o)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can

What a historic event. Tonight I am proud to be an American.