Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday night

Was going along just fine. My brother called and said he was bored so he was going to come over. So i defrosted another chicken breast for him since I was in the middle making dinner. We ate and watched American Idol. I kept telling Jason to come inside from cutting limbs but he said he was almost done. I walked back inside to use the restroom when Jason came in right behind me. He said something that I couldn't understand so he said it again and this time I heard, "I think I need stitches"

So I grabbed my purse and out the door we went. Luckily I was able to leave Matthias with my brother. As soon as we turned onto Brodie Jason says," Get in the next lane." I was like, "Why?" He says again, "Get in the next lane" I look over and realize he's about to hurl. I dart over and pull onto the street to the right. Jason barely gets the door open and vomits for like 2 minutes. Nice. Unfortunately, some got in the car including (which I discovered today) on my purse. So we get to the hospital and get signed in. I finally get to use the restroom which helps me calm down almost immediately. lol Jason gets up to get some gauze as he's still bleeding and when he sits back down, he's sweating profusely and almost passes out. Poor guy. He can't handle blood. Thank God we are in and out in a about 4 hours which is pretty damn good for ER waits. He gets 5 stitches and has to wear a splint for 10 days. He did knick his tendon but did not do any permanent damage.

Here's a pic of his wound washed out before stitches....