Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For the first time in a long time...

Does that even make sense??!?!?

ANYWHO, I'm actually EXCITED about the ACL lineup!! It does help that my all time fa and will be there. I wish it was ll 5 members of DMB, but I know leRoi will be there in spirit. Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon (whom I listen to every day n the way home) John Legend (swoon) Mos Def, Toadies, Coheed and Cambria and The Scabs are among the few, I'm interested in seeing. I think that most of my friends don't like some of the ppl I've listed so it'll be tough for me to make the decision to go if I'm going to be hanging out alone. I also need to convince Jason that I want to go b/c I KNOW he won't go so that means abandoning my child for a couple of days. :o(

Either way, the prospect of going is EXCITING!


ayamc said...

With a line up like that who wouldnt want to go!
Have fun. :)

Laura said...

The great thing about ACL is you meet up with one group, then part ways, then meet up with another group of people and probably reconvene with the first group later, all based on who you/they want to see. I'm certain that you can find someone who is interested in seeing the band you want to watch. You just won't be with the same group of people all day. The lineup is so good this year that it seems like everyone is going.