Thursday, April 23, 2009

Backed Up

Yup. That's what's happening in our pipes at home. Everything is BACKED UP. Last night a few minutes after Jason and Matthias took a shower, I went to get in and there was about 2 inches of water that had never drained. Jason went to the store to get some Drano. He came back, tried to pour it down and plunge the tub. No dice. So i went to go use the other shower we never use and to my dismay saw that it was half filled with what seemed to be dirty toilet water (ew) and the toilet had complete overflowed. EW. So while we were trying to clean up the mess in the hall bathroom, by the time we got back to the master bathroom that toilet had overflowed as well. NICE. By that point it was 11:30 so I faked a shower and washed my hair in the kitchen sink (which seemed to be really slow in draining as well) and "bathed" with a soapy washcloth. FUN!

Now we're waiting for a plumber. lalala


ayamc said...


This happened to J and I when we lived in the duplex. DIS.GUST.ING.

Home the plumber gets there quickly!

Laura said...

And this folks, is why I rent, not own.

What a mess to have to deal with after a long day of work! yuck!