Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tueday's accomplishments

We didn't accomplish much as we were committed to go to Jason's parents house for his dad's b-day for cake. Which under any other circumstance would have been ok, but with all the projects needing to be completed and the fact that Jason did NOT start dinner, made it really difficult. blugh.

I was surprised to find however that Jason had successfully cut out 5 programs by the time I got home. They're very time consuming as you have to cut out 6 fan blades per program. I had to go back and cut off some of the edges but he made the effort and it's greatly appreciated. (after I went bride-zilla apeshit on him the night before for not helping... tee hee hee) After we got back from his parents house, he made dinner for me and I finished the floral monogram. It looks good! I'll have to take a picture.

WHen I woke up this morning, I saw he had cut out 6 more programs. Yippee! Only a bazillion more to go!


ayamc said...

A bazillion by the 21st? You can do it!
But isnt it fun to check things off your to do list?