Monday, February 2, 2009

busy weekend


Seriously, I am exhausted. I feel Like I've been going non stop. However, I did accomplish a lot this weekend!!

Friday: picked up matthias' tuxedo from being altered. Man, he's going to look so good!!
Bought my dress for the bachelorette party.
Mailed off the balance for the flowers.
Purchased our wedding bands.
Went out and celebrated a friends b-day. (ok so this wasn't really productive so to speak but it was nice to just relax and Not think about a THING)

picked up my shoes from being dyed and man they look good!
Picked up my dress from alterations.... I'm not gonna lie, I think I'm gonna look pretty!!!
Helped my sister pick out shoes.
Bought my dress for the bridal shower.
picked out ties for my brothers to wear as ushers.
nought more flowers for the monogram I'm hanging on the front door.

bought eyelets and all the available paper to make programs
bought the styrofoam for the floral monogram
bought 2 bolts of tulle
bought bridal shower accessories and bach party accessories
started the floral monogram but ran out of flowers
wet up a mock display of the candy bar.

did I mention I'm tired??


Laura said...

Wow, that does sound like a lot!

Princess Selina said...

damn girl! You were a busy bee this weekend! Are you getting excited?

ayamc said...

Yipee! Its almost here!

ayamc said...

Yipee! Its almost here!